Client spotlight: Legatics legal software

Client spotlight: Legatics legal software

Legatics legal software dashboard screen

Legatics offers groundbreaking legal software to simplify and speed up legal processes.

Brand Nest created a suite of brand and product videos for Legatics to promote their legal software. And, through our work, we learned more about the company and what they offer.

We were so impressed with what Legatics offers, we wanted to spread the news!

What legal software does Legatics offer?

Looking for legal software that allows you to manage your legal transactions in one place? This is where Legatics can help. They offer a clever platform that helps legal professionals simplify and speed up their processes.

In fact, Legatics is the only lawyer-centric transaction management platform. So it’s a truly unique product that every legal professional should know about.

How does it work?

Legatics uses advanced technology to simplify manual legal processes. For example, excel documents are replaced by real-time tracking tools. And lengthy documents can be uploaded to a centralised dashboard in a single click.

This means it can save lawyers countless hours of manual work! The easy search tools mean it’s quicker than ever to locate files. And the simple visual interface keeps everything neatly visible, in one place.

We certainly love the idea of a one-stop-shop for legal professionals. It’s quick and easy to use.

Brand Nest and Legatics

The Brand Nest team created a suite of product videos that showcase the usability and impact of the software platform.

We filmed the videos on set, using green screen technology, a carefully crafted script and a brilliant team of actors. With the footage captured, we then applied backing music and the entire project came to life.

We’re delighted with the end result and with the positive feedback we’ve received from the Legatics team.

You can watch the videos on our Youtube channel

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