My top tips for Logo Design – Stu Lowe

My top tips for Logo Design – Stu Lowe

My Top Tips for Logo Design – Stu Lowe, director of Brand Nest

Before I delve into our top tips for logo design, I’ll answer your first question straight away…

YES, you do need a logo for your business!

You certainly don’t need to spend a fortune on your logo, but it’s worth investing sufficient time and effort to get it right.

Why does a logo matter?

Because it differentiates your business from any other, and is a recognisable icon that gives your brand a unique identity.

People buy from brands they trust – so your logo is a key component in your growth and marketing strategy.

  • What does your logo say about your brand?
  • Is it true to your company ethos?
  • Will it stand the test of time and still be relevant if you expand your product range and services?


These are the questions you should ask when creating or refreshing your company logo.


Lion rebrand and logo

This year, we’ve done a lot of work for Lion, formerly known as Lion Civils.

The term ‘Civils’ in their previous name referred to the civil engineering aspect of their service. But this didn’t showcase the company’s wide remit of structures and formwork.

So we worked closely with the team to devise a name that would stay true to their offering and showcase the strength of their brand.

Once we had agreed the name, we got started on designing a new logo. We worked closely with the Lion team to keep them in the loop. And they had plenty of opportunities to review and feed back on the designs.



Key takeaway? Your logo should showcase everything you have to offer


Forge Fitness

Forge Fitness already had a logo they liked…but they felt it needed a refresh.

We worked closely with Emma, the Director at Forge Fitness to understand her needs. Then, we used our experience to tweak the designs, balancing the desire for change with the strength of the existing design.

With some tweaks and enhancements, we’ve created a new logo that’s fresh and modern.



Key takeaway? Even small changes can make a big impact to a logo.


Electric Miles

Recently, Brand Nest designed a new logo for Electric Miles.

The company offers an intelligent ‘Internet of Energy’ platform to maintain the stability of the grid, charging electric vehicles at reduced cost and lower carbon footprint. Their mission is to make electric vehicle charging seamless and scalable for the entire ecosystem.

It’s a fantastic product and the company is growing and expanding quickly. But their previous logo didn’t reflect their current success or future ambition. It was heavily linked to the vehicle charging aspect of their platform, but didn’t showcase the wider strategy.



The team at Electric Miles approached Brand Nest and tasked us with creating a new logo design that would be fit for purpose, now and in the future.

We did a lot of research on the market, their competitors and of course the company itself. We interviewed team members and senior leaders and really got under the skin of the business. This allowed us to design the new logo with a clear view of who the company is and what they want to achieve.

The new logo gives a clear nod to the business’ focus on electric. But it is cleaner, simpler and less dependent on vehicles as the only connection to electric charging.



Key takeaway? A good logo should be fit for purpose now and in the future.


Stand out from the crowd

Why do customers choose you over the competition?

And what do you offer that nobody else can?

It could be your unique story or company heritage. Or, perhaps you offer great aftersales service, or a truly groundbreaking product.

Before you begin the process of designing a new logo, you’ll need to identify what makes you unique. A great logo is reconisable, at a glance, and doesn’t try to compete or emulate everyone else on the market.

Think about your colour palette, fonts, layout and imagery. There are plenty of opportunities to make your logo stand out!

If you operate in a traditional industry, you might be tempted to stick with the status quo. But, this could be the perfect opportunity to differentiate your business from the rest. Show them that you think differently, you have vision and are innovative in your approach.


Key takeaway? Don’t just copy everyone else. Your logo should offer something unique.


Multi-channel success

Your logo will be used across multiple online and offline channels. So think carefully about how it will render on any platform it might appear on.

For example, while your logo might look stunning when viewed on a desktop device, it might not work as well on mobile. Also, you may need to provide your logo to external partners if you run campaigns or events in the future. So it’s worth checking it on various backgrounds or orientations, and adjusted to many different sizes.

Many third party sites have specific requirements when displaying partner logos. So an excessively large or overly intricate design might not work on every channel.


Key takeaway? Test out your logo on various devices, screen sizes and backgrounds


Choose bespoke if you can

Consumers are more discerning than ever before, and many will pay more for a product or service if they believe it offers better longterm value than a cheaper option.

So make sure your logo looks slick, professional and tailored to you.

Sure, you could use a cheap logo generator off the internet. But how will prospective and existing customers perceive your brand? What does the logo say about you, your values and the quality of your offering?

Wherever possible, it’s worth paying a bit more for a bespoke logo design service. This will undoubtedly offer better value in the longterm.

And, when your company inevitably expands, you’ll include your logo on all materials, from recruitment and onboarding to sales, marketing and partnerships. Choose wisely.


Key takeaway? Opt for longterm value over a cheap quick fix


About Brand Nest

At Brand Nest, we help small to medium sizes business achieve their marketing ambitions through our range of affordable creative services.

Founder and director, Stu Lowe has decades of creative experience, having worked for some of the biggest brands in the UK.

Read his story about how and why he started Brand Nest here.

Brand Nest can help your business flourish with any or all of the following services:

  • Logo design
  • Website development
  • Video creation
  • Social media management
  • Flyers and posters
  • Promotional merchandise

Get in touch to find out more.



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