Behind the Scenes of a Creative Services Agency

Behind the Scenes of a Creative Services Agency

Behind the Scenes; what is life as a creative services agency really like?

Running a creative services agency is brilliant. But it’s not as glamorous as you may think!

Sadly, we don’t spend every hour of every day creating beautiful designs, building websites, producing videos and running integrated marketing campaigns (we do all of that too, of course!)

Delivering our range of creative services is just a piece of the agency puzzle. And, since starting Brand Nest earlier this year, I’ve learned that running your own business means managing multiple processes and practices that clients often don’t even get to see.

Anyone who has worked with Brand Nest before, will know that we’re transparent about everything we do – it’s one of our values and we’re proud of our honest and upfront approach.

So, with that in mind, we’d like to take you on a real world tour of our agency, and give you a taste of what life is really like behind the scenes!

Work life balance

I run Brand Nest from my home in West Sussex, where I live with my wife, two children and our French Bulldogs; Tooley and Zoon.

I’ve talked before on the blog about how important it is for me to balance my work with my home life. And this is often why I’ll avoid booking client meetings on a Wednesday, when I attend beach school with my daughter. Or why I’ll avoid working late into the evenings and all weekend, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

I believe that I, and my team, can deliver outstanding work and results to clients, without damaging our personal lives and wellbeing in the process.

Sure, sometimes a last minute project will come in on a Friday afternoon, or a piece of work will need a bit of overtime to push it over the line. But I try to make sure this is the exception, not the rule.

Quality creative services

When you choose to work with Brand Nest, you’ll gain access to a small, experienced team who are masters of their craft. I oversee every project myself,  and work with a select group of designers, developers, video producers and content creators.

Because to me, quality is non-negotiable.

I will never outsource your work to a low cost or inexperienced team. Though this is often the approach of large, expensive agencies who are keen to make as much profit as possible, while delivering a bog standard service to their clients.

Instead, I have built a select network of trusted team members across the UK, US, Australia, South Africa and Europe who I collaborate with on certain projects, when their experience or niche skills are needed.

This is how I’m able to offer an exceptional standard of service and measurable output in return for your investment. I take pride in delivering excellence to every client.

It’s my aim to nail the brief every single time, and to put my decades of experience to good use. So I’ll advise on the best way to maximise your budget and will make sure the end result exceeds expectations every time.

Bills, bills, bills

Chasing outstanding payments is never fun. I certainly don’t enjoy sending multiple emails to clients asking them to pay overdue invoices.

Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often! And I’m lucky to get a lot of repeat business from loyal, valued clients. But generating invoices and balancing the books is part of the job description when running a creative services agency.

I always stay organised, make sure my prices are transparent and communicate regularly with clients to make sure I’m clear on their expectations at every stage of the process.

We’re all feeling the pinch at the moment. So I’m always open to discussing payment plans and flexible payment schedules to make things as affordable as possible.

Want to know more?

Let’s chat!

I’d love to hear about your goals as a small to medium business, and discuss how I can help you achieve them through a mix of integrated marketing services.

At Brand Nest, there’s no one size fits all approach. I’ll tailor your proposal to your unique requirements. This might mean I suggest using quick, off-the-shelf products, or recommend we design a fully bespoke, high spec product.

No job is too small, or too big, for the Brand Nest team.

Get in touch to find out more about what we do.




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