Why is promotional merchandise so popular?

Why is promotional merchandise so popular?

Why is promotional merchandise so popular?

In an increasingly digital world, we’re delighted that branded promotional merchandise is still in demand. With a plethora of digital channels to promote their brand, companies still see the value of giving tangible ‘stuff’ to their employees, partners and customers.

Promotional merchandise can take many forms, from branded corporate gifts and useful stationery to workwear and vital protective equipment.

In this blog, we’ll explore some different examples of promo merch in action, and discuss how, and why, it works.

Make it useful

How many branded pens have you amassed through the years?

No doubt you have a healthy selection of inked implements around your home and office, branded with company names and logos. You may not realise it consciously, but each time you pick up a branded pen, the company name sticks somewhere in your mind. You might not need it today. But if you ever require their services, those branded pens will come in handy to remember the company’s name.

If you opt for promotional merchandise that’s genuinely useful, people will keep it, use it and share it with their friends.

To extend the shelf life of your promotional merchandise further, consider branding reusable items. Reusable coffee cups, tote bags, water bottles – these are all popular choices for promotional merchandise that doesn’t end up in landfill.

Keep safe

Recently, we worked with Lion Structures to brand some PPE for their employees. We branded hard hats, hi-vis vests and jackets for staff, and polo shirts for the management team.

For a construction team, branded PPE gives a sense of unity and professionalism. Sure, PPE needs to be functional and practical, but it can absolutely look slick and professional too! Our work on the promotional merchandise was part of a bigger project with Lion Structures. We are also working on a complete redesign of their corporate website. So we’re familiar with their branding and know how to apply it to their merchandise for best effect.

Often, promotional merchandise design goes hand in hand with bigger branding projects. Sometimes a company will ask us to rebrand or redesign their website off the back of a promo merch job. Or other times, we’ll be asked to design some branded merchandise to support a rebrand or launch of a new website.

Either approach works for us! We can easily incorporate branded promo merch into your wider marketing mix.

Eyes on the prize

Promotional merchandise can be distributed in all sorts of innovative ways.

For example, recently we designed some branded promo merch for legal software company, Legatics. We branded up pens, notebooks, reusable coffee cups, stickers and hoodies.

But rather than simply giving them out, we’ve designed a wheel of fortune for their stand at an upcoming industry event. Punters will spin the wheel to see what they have won. Then, they’ll walk away with some branded Legatics merchandise.

It’s a fresh way to get the Legatics brand in front of prospective and existing customers.

Want to know more?

Get in touch to find out more about branded promotional merchandise for your business. We’ll provide a fair, upfront quote for standalone merchandise, or a breakdown of merch costs alongside other marketing activity.

At Brandnest, we keep things straightforward for our clients. You can view our prices here – we guarantee no hidden costs or nasty surprises!

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