Marketing for small businesses – life after Covid

Marketing for small businesses – life after Covid

OK, let’s talk post COVID and marketing for small businesses.

 Wowsers, COVID was a nightmare, right?

 We can all agree that. But, what we always aim to do here at Brandnest, is to ensure that from chaos comes opportunity. And there has never been a better time to invest in the opportunities that exist in a post-Covid world, where we’re working flexibly but are more connected (digitally) than ever.

Marketing for small businesses

There’s more demand than ever for marketing and creative services that drive awareness, generate leads and result in sales. But the World of marketing has changed a lot since the pandemic first reared its head.

People work flexibly, often remotely. So they expect to access their products and services digitally, from wherever they’re based. Traditional offline marketing approaches need to be direct and powerful to get cut-through. Many people are starting out in new careers or industries after being made redundant during the pandemic. So they’re not interested in fluffy marketing that doesn’t deliver results.

That’s why a smart business like yours needs to embrace the change to capitalise on new approaches and channels.

My personal experience of Covid-19 is an example of chaos leading to opportunity. Prior to the start of the pandemic, I was a high flying Creative Director at a FinTech company. But when COVID struck, it led to complete chaos in the company.

Eventually, there were redundancies – I was one of them. It was a very emotional and chaotic time for me, personally and professionally.

From chaos comes opportunity

Initially, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Should I seek another office job? Go back to a life of commuting and being chained to a desk for a big corporate company? I didn’t fancy that at all.

I wanted to deliver real value in my next role – do something valuable and fulfilling. So, I decided to be brave. I used all my experience and knowledge (and redundancy funds!) to start Brandnest, a creative design agency in West Sussex.

 …and I have never looked back!

Experience and industry knowledge

As the Director of Brandnest, I draw on my extensive corporate experience as a Creative Director for companies like Auto Trader, Mimecast and Dext (formerly Receipt Bank) to guide my business approach.

Personally, I’m passionate about building an amazing team to make sure our clients receive outstanding delivery and results.

And, having experienced the chaos of redundancy, I’m driven and focused to achieve consistent success for my clients. 

I’m able to draw on nearly 3 decades’ experience in strategy, creative design and marketing delivery for my clients. Brandnest provides marketing for small businesses, as well as medium and large enterprises to help them get more from their marketing: control, visibility and leads

 And of course – the benefit of working with a small agency like mine is that my clients benefit from outstanding results, whilst spending less than they would with a larger agency.

Proof is in the pudding

Brandnest has become synonymous with delivering big results to our clients.

Our knowledge of the new World of marketing is detailed and comprehensive. And we understand that traditional brand loyalty has been replaced with ‘What can you do for me now?’.

New digital channels continue to emerge and evolve, so businesses want the best they can get from whatever source will connect them to customers – at a price they can afford.

 This is where Brandnest excels.

  • We create digital strategy,
  • develop brands,
  • create logos and identities,

…and offer a full digital suite; including

  • website design and development
  • above and below the line advertising
  • email marketing
  • video production
  • experiential marketing
  • SEO content

…and so much more.

It’s personal

For every client, our service is paramount to our success. That’s why your account will be handled by myself or an agency partner – so we can deliver full service marketing backed by brilliant, personal support.

Get in touch to find out how we can help support your business with market-leading digital services.

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