Brand Nest turns one year old!

Brand Nest turns one year old!

We’re delighted to celebrate as Brand Nest turns one year old!

As Brand Nest turns one this month, I’m taking some time to reflect on our journey over the past year.

One thing is certain – time flies when you’re doing what you love. And, as Founder and Director of Brand Nest, I’m proud of all we’ve achieved, and excited for what’s still to come.

Here are some of my personal and professional highlights from the past year…

New digs

Recently, I shared some insight into a garden design project I managed at my new home in West Sussex. The goal of this project was to create a a family space, for the kids and the grown ups! It was a continuation of other work we’ve completed on our new home.

One of the other projects was the installation of my garden office, where Brand Nest was founded and continues to operate from.

As a Creative Director, I was keen to create a beautiful space that would inspire creativity and boost productivity.

I’m thrilled with my home office and I like the fact that it’s separate from the rest of the house. This means that when I close the door of the office and wander back to the main house, I leave my work for the evening and spend quality time with my family.

My world

If you know me, you’ll be well aware that my family is my number one priority, above all else.

I love my work and thrive on running a successful creative agency. But nothing gets in the way of spending time with my family!

Over the past few years, I’ve been through a lot of change and faced some big personal and professional challenges. One of the biggest was being made redundant during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But, what started as adversity turned into opportunity when I realised I had the power to shape my working life around my family…and not the other way round.

So I shifted my priorities, founded Brand Nest and finally realised the true value of work life balance.

I love that I’m able to give my full focus to clients on all projects and achieve success professionally. But I also have the flexibility to take a day off when my son is off school with a bug. Or keep my calendar free every Wednesday so I can attend Beach School with my daughter.

Over the past year, I’ve enjoyed great success at the helm of Brand Nest and made beautiful memories with my family.

Highlights from Brand Nest – our first year

I’ve been lucky to work with some fantastic companies in our first year of operation.

Highlights include;

  • rebrand for Lions – including a new logo, website and branded merchandise and PPE
  • series of promotional and explainer videos for Legatics
  • suite of short Tik Tok ads for Cuvva car insurance
  • new logo and rebrand for Electric Miles
  • logo refresh for Forge Fitness

What’s next for Brand Nest?

I’ve been fortunate to secure all of my business to date from word of mouth and personal recommendations from clients, past colleagues and contacts.

Now we’re ramping up our internal marketing efforts to generate business from new clients across multiple industries.

At Brand Nest, we live by our brand values of experience, trust, communication and professionalism.

Brand Nest values

  • Unrivalled experience across a range of industries
  • A wide range of services, with bespoke and off-the-shelf options
  • Personal service from a senior, experienced creative director 
  • Clear, transparent pricing upfront
  • Trustworthy, client-focused and ethical
  • A proven track record of successful projects


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